March 25, 2020

Stuck at Home Bible Study Part 1 – Meditation

Passage: Psalm 1:1

Bible Text: Psalm 1:1 | Preacher: Pastor Joe Kenning | Series: Stuck at Home Bible Study | Pastor Joe introduces the idea of Bible study and goes over the first step, Meditation.

Also look for the attached document where we go over each step in our study of Psalm 1

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One response to “Stuck at Home Bible Study Part 1 – Meditation”

  1. Erica strutz says:

    This is awesome!! I’m a new Christian, newly Saved and I get so frustrated at myself for the trouble I have learning Gods story. You gave me fantastic tips here !! And made me feel so much better by saying it’s going to take time. Your so right. I need to quit being hard on myself and realize this is isn’t going to happen overnight. Also I loved when you said that two people can interrupt scripture in two totally different ways. So really there’s no wrong way. I see it and understand it how I myself sees it and understands it. I love this thank you !!

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